Diploma in Pharmaceutical Marketing


The Diploma Provides Extensive knowledge in the pharmaceutical marketing field; expertise to conduct market research, marketing plan and develop marketing strategies, Comprehensive knowledge of the recruitment and utilization of artificial intelligence and digital marketing in the pharmaceutical field, Strong command of pharmaceutical marketing tools and solutions.


  • Common jobs in the pharmaceutical marketing field:
  • Marketing Manager
  • Brand/Product Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • Medical Affairs Representative
  • Regulatory Affairs Representative
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Content Writer

Program Structure


Principles of Marketing
Pharmaceutical Sales and CRM
Strategic Marketing
Pharma AI and Digital Marketing


Supply Chain
Market Research and Analytics
Brand Management
Special Topics in Pharmaceutical Marketing

The student can take only one or more of the Diploma courses individually.

Attendance of 75% of the sessions is mandatory for issuing any certificate

Eligible candidates:

Graduate of Pharmacy, Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary, Science & Management

Language of Instruction:


Duration of Study:

One year (Two semesters)


Two days per week (Evening & weekend times)

Admission Steps:

  • Applicants register online and fill in an admission application: Apply Now ! .
  • Applicants that fulfill the admission criteria are invited via e-mail to take the GUC English admission test (GUC graduates are exempted from this test).
  • Applicants who are accepted are invited for a short interview.
  • Submission of requested documents on the day of the interview.

Tuition & Fees:

Semester / Course Program fees 23/24 - EGP
Application fees 900
*Insurance fees 2,500
**Semester fees 25,000
Course fees 7,500
Diploma Late payment fees 500
Graduation Fees 500

*Insurance fees are refundable in case no damage are done or books are lost

**semester fees Paid in two installments during each semester

Semester / Course Program fees 23/24 - EUR
Application fees 50
Lab insurance 125
Semester fees 1,125
Course fees 340
Diploma Late payment fees 15
Graduation Fees 15

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