Industry Park


In line with the GUC vision and commitment since establishment in following a fully integrated German Teaching Practice, in the pursue of offering latest German Technology, the idea evolved to create a unique Training & Development Facility in cooperation with potential German Industry Partners.

The facility is considered a Platform for cross-continental industrial relations and exposure through “Open House” events organized, sectorial seminars and workshops held, next to regular networking channels in order to secure qualified and well-trained human resources, provide promotional opportunities for German Industries, as well as Consultancy Services to increase their existence in Egypt and the region.

Next to the original goal of ensuring latest Technology Transfer to GUC students, graduates, as well as the market, strategic German partners are granted an exceptional opportunity to showcase their latest machinery and technology for potential future customers - as already demonstrated by existing permanent partners hosted at the GUC Industry Park facility including e.g. Trumpf, FESTO, DMG, Walter, Zeiss, Felder …etc.

Established on an area of 40,000 m2 (Phase 1) on GUC campus, the Industry Park is the first of its kind among universities worldwide, offering not only industrial R&D opportunities in cooperation with GUC academics and research centers, but also hosting various major German industries to develop HR Capacities, provide Training Programs & Research opportunities, support Know-how Transfer and Prototyping.

In addition to the above, the GUC Industry Park facility (Phase 2) will include 80 multifunction modular spaces/“Incubators” (each 50 m2) for potential new cooperation projects/business establishments (small – medium enterprises) fully supported by GUC infrastructure


  • Providing a real industrious environment where the local and international industry professionals, the academic staff, the researchers will interact and work together.
  • Enhancing quality and industrial measures.
  • Preparing the graduates and the trainers and the trainees for the real industrial life and introducing them to the local and international job opportunities.
  • Building strong bonds between the students, the trainers and the leading international companies in all the different industrial fields through providing the latest technologies.
  • Creating innovative channels for design, prototyping and manufacturing of new products.
  • Offering the industry with its needs in fields, qualified human resources, knowledge, know how, research and quality assurance.


The GUC Industry Park environment provides the industry and the students with the best training quality by directing them towards the real manufacturing problems as well as the task free research work for many industrial applications to demonstrate and maximize their abilities:

  • Using the scientific research techniques in evaluating the manufacturing models and machines.
  • Offering research, counseling and training services for the Egyptian industry, based on advanced scientific and technical research methods, as well as cooperating with international experts.
  • Introducing the potential Egyptian researchers and academic staff as well as the available modern high tech scientific equipment to the international industries and scientific research fund providers. This would increase the opportunities of attracting international research funds directed to the scientific research that is related to the industry.
  • Attracting the foreign investment in the area of industries that would increase and create more opportunities in the Egyptian job market.
High-end Technologies offered

GUC Industry Park provides a wide range of expertise covering the following technologies:

  • Sheet metal work
  • Mould making
  • High speed machine technology
  • Prototyping
  • Product Engineering and design
  • Mechtronics
  • Pneumatics
  • Controllers and field bus technology
  • Modular production technology
  • Industrial computer integrated manufacturing
Direct Industrial Applications (Phase I)

The first phase of the GUC Industry Park is targeting the existing industries, such as:

  • Components and spare parts for cars and public means of transportation
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Household equipment (washing machines & dishwashers / cookers / ovens / microwaves / ventilators and house air-conditioners)
  • Metal furniture (office / educational / hospitals / labs)
  • Electrical equipment (power generation units' components / low medium and high tension distribution boards – electrical switches and components)
  • Ventilation equipment, central a/c equipment and refrigerating units
  • Home, office and industrial lighting units
  • Rack units and storage systems
  • Capital equipment (production lines, filling and packaging machines – spare parts and components of sugar factories and flour mills)
  • Hotels equipment and outfitting
  • Electrical elevators, escalators and conveyers
  • Parts and components of medical and scientific equipment
  • Hospitals equipment and outfitting
  • Armored and fire resistant metal doors
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Medical equipment and instruments

German Cooperation Partners
  • Trumpf: worldwide leading company in laser production technology in the field of sheet metal work using high-end laser production line.
  • Festo Company: worldwide market leader in the field of automation mechatronics and industrial manufacturing.
  • Felder Group: world leading company in manufacturing machines and tools for woodworking. Felder has received awards such as the Bavarian State Prize in 1983 and 1991.
  • Deckel Maho GILDEMEISTER Group: major manufacturer world wide of machine tools "Milling and Lathe and Ultrasonic Machines".
  • WALTER AG: leading Manufacturer in Machine tools including cutting tools for metals and grinding machines.

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