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GUCMUN is considered as one of the most popular and prestigious student activities in the German University in Cairo. This model enhances the personal, intellectual and social skills of the Egyptian Youth. GUCMUN is a major gateway for discussions, debates and expressing socio-political opinions. Through modelling the United Nations, a new experience is presented and addressed through an academic as well as a practical vision that would contribute to any individual intellectuality. Individuals are developed through hands on experience and by tackling various skills that could not be improved through the academic studies of any undergraduate student. It is the faith that through this Model, future leaders are skilled and get prpepared to function in the local and the international arena.

Adventure Club

Category: Community Service

About Adventure Club

It arranges adventurous trips for GUC students, such as safaris and western desert trips.

Big Buddy Society

Category: Academic

About Big Buddy Society

It is one of the very active groups in the GUC. It has several socities. Their mission is to help all new students to get acquainted easily and quickly with the university life, to offer them help and to pass their experience to them. Our vision is to make the university life of every student, either a newcomer or an enrolled student, much easier and a beautiful memory to remember.

Die Sonne

Category: Community Service

About Die Sonne

It’s missions is to serve the GUC & the community through a development process based on Human Capital.

Digital Campus

Category: Community Service

About Digital Campus

The new Digital TV and radio campus service is the first of its kind among all universities in Egypt. Everyone can receive the TV and radio programs via internet, mobile phones or ipods. This service will enable students to practice producing TV and radio programs and acquire team working skills, while enhancing their professional commitments and their sense of responsibility.


Category: Community Service

About Echo

Echo is the campus magazine published every semester in which students can write their suggestions and views in activities, events and training programs in the university.

Egybiotech Club

Category: Academic

About Egybiotech Club

Egybiotech Club- GUC (EBC) offers the first community of biotechnology for students in the GUC through the conduction of workshops, lectures, seminars, field trips and many other events aiming at applying the biotechnology concept in our society in an educational yet amusing manner.

EMS Society

Category: Careers/Pre-Professional

About EMS Society

It is a member in four leading material science societies all over the world aiming at:

  1. Prepare students who are able to do research and compete internationally.
  2. Provide our faculty with intern active research network between Egyptian Universities.
  3. Promote the Manufacturing Technology in Egypt.

Enrich Your Personal

Category: Political/Social Awareness

About Enrich Your Personal

This is a social club committed to developing your character and empowering your mind through workshops and competitions to guide your career. Their vision is to provide students with the necessary elements to be an integral part of the society.

Finanz Club

Category: Community Service

About Finanz Club

The mission of Finanz Klub is to eliminate financial illiteracy among youth, and to educate them about the basics of trading in the stock market, banking and Forex.


Category: Community Service

About GCBT

The GCBT (Global Conference on business transactions) is a student run activity that aims to spread knowledge among participating students in big business and financial transactions, involving companies and banks, and then allows them to implement this newly acquired knowledge in a practical simulating setting.

GUC Diggers

Category: Academic

About GUC Diggers

It is the first specialized official GUC club for computer science and information systems aiming at motivating more students and increasing their general computer skills. It has organized a MAYA course, and JAVA subjects revisions during the semesters.

GUC Divers

Category: Athletic/Recreational

About GUC Divers

It was established to create a diving community and to raise environmental awareness. GUC divers went to Dahab and Marsa Alam and are awaiting upcoming diving trips.


Category: Academic


It is an active group providing pharmacy students with workshops , seminars, and conferences. The also began a subgroup called Socrates Café which offers group discussions in which students and staff are invited to share thoughts.

Pioneers AWG

Category: Academic

About Pioneers AWG

Pioneers AWG was the first club organized in the GUC. It is an academic and a research oriented group with the following goals: Raising the academic level of the gucians, Establishing capable research activities in the GUC,Turning the GUC into a training centre constantly providing open courses, workshops and training programs to academics everywhere. Pioneers organized many workshops such as Java Introductory Course, Linux course, Pioneers Cell Biology Course as well as sport tournaments.


Category: Community Service

About SIFE

SIFE "Students In Free Enterprise" is a global non-profit organization established in 1975 and currently incorporates 47 countries around the world. It started in Egypt in 2004 and is now active in 19 universities all over Egypt. SIFE started out in the GUC in the academic year 06-07. SIFE-GUC has competed in SIFE national competitions 08 and 09. SIFE GUC Mission is widening the scope of their continuing projects from the previous two years as well as implementing new projects that would not only create economic opportunities for Egypt’s citizens but would also improve their community and enhance the quality of living throughout Egypt.

Vision AWG

Category: Community Service

About Vision AWG

A working group that promotes the interest in photography.


Category: Community Service

About Zusammen

It organizes charity work such as Ramadan Bags, orphan day festivals, and distributing blankets for poor people.


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