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Welcome to the GUC

GUC was introduced as state of the art educational institute that combines education, research, and international experience to international calibres. Joining GUC offers the candidates a lifelong experience that enriches the graduate skills and knowledge whether in Egypt or in Germany. GUC was introduced to provide educational, research, and business opportunities to those who are interested in international standards of education.

German University in Cairo is built based on international educational institutes’ standards. Student life is enriched through facilities provided and through services that GUC offers. These services ranges from international recruitment opportunities to multinational internships offered by the SCAD office. The GUC offers in-service training and internship opportunities through the Industrial park located on campus that host TRUMPH, DMG, Felder which are international German high tech industrial lines. This is part of the curriculum to widen the horizons of the calibres and to enrich their experience. 

Going to the international education arena, GUC inagurated GUC Berlin Campus to ensure the international exposure to research,culture, and knowledge transfer.

Life on GUC campus is called by the  GUCian "a vivid campus life" as student activities ranges from sports through GUC Club to Active working groups that enriches the social daily activities of everyone on campus. 

GUC offers the opportunity of pursuing post graduate studies through School of Post Graduate Studies that offers Msc and PHD and through its partnership with partner universities ULM Stuttgart,and other partners.

GUC international accreditation via AQUIN was an preceded step in offering international study programs to the Egyptian students.

Welcome to the GUC where calibres Excel


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