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Prof.Dr.-Ing.Ibrahim El-Dimeery

Dean of the Faculty of Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research

German University in Cairo

Welcome Message

The German University in Cairo (GUC) is proud to be among the pioneer Egyptian Universities and the first as a private University to establish a Faculty of Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research (FPSSSR), as per the presidential Decree Number 27 for year 2002. The FPGSSR is responsible to award diplomas, master’s and doctoral degrees in all scientific specializations offered by the university.
Mission & Vision


The Faculty of Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research was established under the presidential decree number 27 for the year 2002, for the objectives of offering postgraduate studies (MSc and PhD), the study had commenced at the faculty since then; thus offering research funds, extensive library resources, state-of-the-art research facilities and information technology. 

As a result of bilateral German Egyptian cooperation, the German University in Cairo, GUC, was established to export study programs based on German model. It was founded under the presidential decree 27/2002, according to law number 101/ 1992 for establishing Egyptian Private Universities, and its executive regulations number 335/ 1996. GUC is established in cooperation with the State Universities of Ulm and Stuttgart , under the patronage of the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education, the German Ministry of Science>, Research and Arts, State of Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, and supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Germany. Cooperation is extended to other German universities such as Tubingen and Leipzig.

The Master of Science (M.Sc.) is an internationally recognized post-graduate degree which leads to further pursuing of doctorate studies at the GUC, partner universities or any other university. Recognition of MSc and PhD equivalence is expected in all countries.


Mission & Vision


To qualify world-class researchers and scientists who serve the developmental needs of the national and international community and strengthen the mutual scientific cooperation with the German partners and international research institutes.


  • Create an environment of creativity, innovation and scientific values among postgraduate students.
  • Attract graduates of high potential to pursue their postgraduate studies at GUC and obtain academic degrees at international standards.
  • Enable the postgraduates to interact effectively with the challenges and competitions created globally and to play leading roles in their areas of specializations.
  • Encourage GUC teaching assistants to pursue their postgraduate studies in order to build the human capacities of the university that can lead GUC to achieve excellence in research and teaching.
  • Encourage and open new channels for the Egyptian-German cooperation in higher education including basic and industrial research.
  • Develop scientific, cultural and business links with the national and international institutions in Egypt, Germany and other countries.
  • Achieve the requirements for national and international accreditations of the postgraduate programs



  • Organize and supervise the postgraduate programs and scientific research activities at the GUC.
  • Design, propose and update procedures and regulations of the postgraduate programs.
  • Award PhD, Master and diploma degrees.
  • Announce and promote research topics to the university graduates, TAs and assistant lecturers in coordination with the GUC faculties.
  • Ensure that all faculties follow the postgraduate rules and regulations starting from the registration process up to awarding the degrees.
  • Ensure high quality research work and to ensure research labs are updated with state of the art equipment.
  • Follow up and evaluate the progress of the registered research candidates.
  • Apply code of ethics in all research activities at the GUC.
  • Assist GUC researchers to receive scholarships from abroad especially Germany through the strong relation between GUC and DAAD.
  • Supervise International conferences at the GUC with the aim to publish research work and exchange the knowledge with other researchers from international research institutes and universities.
  • Encourage and support participation in international conferences.
  • Promote and encourage collaboration with international and national reputable institutes in joint research programs, especially with our partner German universities.
  • Encourage applied research that serves the national and community needs.
  • Keep a database for finished and currently enrolled students.
  • Intervene and solve any problems or conflict that may arise throughout the postgraduate study of the candidate.



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