Business Executive Education

Prof. Ahmed Amin

MBA Director

German University in Cairo

Welcome Message from the Program Director

In a world of intense global competition and constant change, the need arises for strong business leaders that can deliver results. These leaders must not only master technical skills but also enjoy conceptual and interpersonal competencies. The GUC MBA program is designed and executed to prepare students to assume managerial positions of increasing complexity and challenge. This is done through a curriculum and staff that emphasize leadership, strategic thinking, global awareness and ethics.
Mission & Vision
Learning Philosophy

Mission & Vision


To transform management practice in Egypt and the region through offering high quality graduate executive education. We value integrity, intellectualism and humility.


1. Attract the most qualified applicants

2. Provide superior graduate executive education

3. Produce leaders that advocate progress and reform

4. Help professionals advance their managerial careers

5. Contribute in Egypt’s development


1. Develop graduates who are capable of pursuing careers in academia, business consulting and/or executive management

2. Develop graduates that are capable of integrating scientific knowledge with management practice.

3. Develop students' strategic, leadership and innovation capabilities.

4. Develop students' ability to conduct applied management research.

5. Encourage critical thinking, lifelong learning and personal development.

Learning Philosophy

The learning philosophy of GUC – MBA Program is based on

1. Class interaction- Instructors expect students to participate in the discussions and present critical views.

2. Team work-teamwork, not just group work is both a teaching method and outcome.

3. Hands on and experiential learning- Most students learn by doing much faster than they do by hearing or seeing.

4. Integrating research and teaching- Students should engage in scientific research and discovery as they learn.

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