Postgraduate Diplomas

Admission Requirements

Applicants must have a Bachelor degree from a recognized University that fits the specialized diploma applied for (each diploma has its eligibility criteria)

Admission Steps:

The German University in Cairo admits the diploma’s students two times a year; winter (admission in May– the semester starts in October) and spring semester (admission in November – the semester starts in February) The admission procedures are as follows:

  1. Filling application form online
    • For Non GUC Graduates who has no GUC application number Apply Here
      1. Click Create new account
      2. You will receive an email with the user name and password
      3. Fill in the application form using the new username and password

    • For GUC Graduates who already has GUC application number (GUC undergraduate ID no.) Apply Here
  2. Applicants are prescreened to check their eligibility
  3. Eligible candidates will be Invited for English admission test
  4. Candidates who pass the English test will be invited to personal interview
  5. Candidates who pass will receive conditional acceptance including documents to be submitted and payment procedures
  6. The applicant is to submit the documents and pay the fees within the deadline otherwise registration will not be considered.

Documents Needed:

The applicant must bring all documents mentioned below:

  1. Curriculum vitae
  2. University transcript (with grades of each subject)
  3. Graduation certificate
  4. Two passport-sized photos
  5. Birth certificate
  6. Military status for male applicants
  7. Copy (front & back) of the National ID Card/ or passport for non Egyptian students
  8. Visa and residency documents for non-Egyptians

Language of Instruction:


Duration of Study:

One year (Two semesters)


Two days per week (Evening & weekend times)

EGP Diploma Tuition Fees Fer Academic Year 2023/2024:

Semester / Course Program fees 23/24 - EGP
Application fees 900
*Insurance fees 2,500
**Semester fees 25,000
Course fees 7,500
Diploma Late payment fees 500
Graduation Fees 500

*Insurance fees are refundable in case no damage are done or books are lost

**semester fees Paid in two installments during each semester

EUR Diploma Tuition Fees Fer Academic Year 2023/2024 for foreign students

Semester / Course Program fees 23/24 - EUR
Application fees 50
Lab insurance 125
Semester fees 1,125
Course fees 340
Diploma Late payment fees 15
Graduation Fees 15

10% Discount on Diploma tuition fees for GUC graduates.

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