GUC is committed to the Total Quality Management philosophy with respect to:

  • Students and Alumni

    Offering top quality education for students to ensure complete satisfaction during the whole course of study at GUC and upon graduation, either with a job placement or with further postgraduate studies.

  • Parents

    Ensuring complete satisfaction of parents with respect to cost-benefit relationship as well as their children's welfare.

  • Staff

    Providing training, development and continuous improvement for staff (academic and non-academic) to ensure the highest performance standards of education and research output.

  • Community

    Offering social activities and community services to contribute to the social and economic well being of its local and national community.

  • Business

    Serving and developing partnership with local, national and international business and industrial sectors as employers of GUC graduates as well as through research projects, training and as partners in developing knowledge, practice and applications.

  • Patron and Partner Universities

    Developing, strengthening and expanding the mutual and multilateral relations with respect to teaching, research and exchange of students based on quality, intensity and mutual benefits and interests.


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