Engineering and Materials Science

Faculty Name:

“Faculty of Engineering and Materials Science”

Faculty Description:

The faculty of Engineering and Materials Science (EMS) is made up of three distinct departments. These departments are as follows: 

Each department is focused on aligning teaching-learning, research-innovation and collaboration with industry and research centers in Egypt and abroad; especially in Germany.

The faculty is clearly the most visible hardware engineering entity on campus. Its overseas visibility is attested by the numerous studentships and research opportunities credited to students and staff of the faculty. The EMS is an internationally recognized faculty with its Bachelor and Master Degree programs in Engineering and Materials Science accredited by ACQUIN; the German based foundation dealing with higher education institution admissions.


Our vision is to become a nationally and internationally known Engineering Faculty that is recognized for its outstanding education, research, and outreach programs, whilst providing regional leadership in the fields of polymer science, physical metallurgy, surface engineering, composite processing, production/manufacturing processes and mechatronics control systems.

Mission of the Faculty:

  • Attract and retain high quality students and provide an educational experience that prepares them for successful careers in materials and mechanical engineering professions. 
  • Recruit and retain high quality faculty members with interest in the cutting-edge materials and mechanical engineering areas.
  • Establish an engineering education that emphasizes interdisciplinary education programs.
  • Encourage interaction and collaboration with industry.
  • Improve the Faculty infrastructure to facilitate teaching efficiency and continue to modernize laboratory equipment and software.
  • Improve the teaching support infrastructure (technical staff support, administrative staff support).
  • Upgrade and improve the curriculum to include the new topics and/or courses in the mechanical engineering, mechatronics and materials science fields in order to keep our excellence in research and education.
  • Organize professional out-reach programs in Egypt. This can be done by giving public lectures on selected topics and initiating an Executive postgraduate program and training courses in key areas of our faculty competence.
  • Improve the graduate programs (MSC and PhD).
  • Foster cooperative relationship with alumni of the faculty such that they can receive specialized short training courses to complement their practice in industries and aid their career development. 



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