Art is what defines beauty in our lives. Art has a magic influence on anyone witnessing it. Our eyes see art in a flourishing flower, in an old song, in a painting of a silent ocean, in the madness of a wild stallion, or in a new born baby. We at the GUC -being an educational mansion- give the space for our students to involve art in every aspect of their lives. We encourage them to drag out their hidden talents by engaging themselves in an artistic activity.

An artist is influenced by everything around him and everything around him is influenced by him. We try to breed this side of beauty in our children. For it is this side that attracts the world to him triggering everything to fall in place. The GUC supports all art aspects. Take a look at our different activities.


Our students talented in music team themselves under different bands and encourage everyone to join. The experienced students train their team, each on his favored musical instrument. Students are joined by their professors who are also talented in music. They both compose their own music pieces, and perform them in concerts organized at the GUC as well as in shows outside the GUC. The performing bands are encouraged by their fellow colleagues for the bands perform all kinds of music; classic, metal, or pop. They are at times joined by students talented in singing, where they all perform together till they hear applaud from the crowd. Those people see art in music.


Photography has won a great attention recently from students. The GUC thus aims at developing this talent in its students. Sessions are organized under the instruction of one of the greatest Egyptian photographers. Students show great performance in the projects they implement and are highly praised by their colleagues as well as their professors. Those students see art in the silent capturing of a live picture. Their challenge is to make the captured picture alive with motion to appear as real as the original scene.


One can hardly imagine our life now without the existence of the graphics technology. It invaded our lives in every aspect of it. Students are thus encouraged to enhance their graphical skills within their study years on campus. Talented students in this field have contributed with their skills in designing the websites of student clubs, the main website of the GUC, the website of the German department, as well as the website of the computer science department and the department of the Student Career and Alumni Development (SCAD). Students also design the graphics of the magazines that are published on campus every semester as well as draw caricature figures that represent the GUC life. Students show extraordinary work in this field where the GUC is proud that such major projects were implemented by its own students.


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