Regulations and Policies

Acceptance Criteria:

  • Filling in the online application
  • Personal Interview is a must to approve course registration
  • The minimum age for participating in the German Language Courses for adults and Business German is 18 years.
  • For young learners an approval of the legal guardian has to be submitted.
  • It is required that all applicants have knowledge of another Latin foreign language e.g. English or French.

Course Fees:

  • Registration is only effective if course fees are fully paid.
  • Course fees do not include the price of the course books.

Placement Test:

  • Applicants with no previous knowledge of German language will be automatically assigned to the beginners’ class.
  • Applicants with previous knowledge who have no certificate or whose certificate is older than four months have to sit for a placement Test. 
  • The placement exam fee (200 EGP) has to be paid before the exam.
  • Applicants with previous knowledge who have a valid certificate, which is not older than four months, are required to submit the course certificate for evaluation.

 Refund Policy:

  • Applicants are requested to apply officially for the withdrawal and refund at GUC–Continuing Education Center during the announced working hours.
  • Course fees can be refunded before the starting date of the course.  However an amount of 10% for administrative fees will be deducted from the total course amount.
  • Deadline of any refunds is within one week of course beginning.  An amount of 20% for administartive fees will be deducted from the total course amount.
  • Any withdrawal after the above-mentioned periods  cannot be refunded.
  • In case the course is cancelled by GUC, participants are entitled to full refund of the course fees.

Course Capacity:

  • The minimum number of participants is 12.
  • It is GUC’s decision solely to decide which classes will be offered.

Switching Courses:

  • Switching between courses is only allowed during the first week from the course start date and based on available places.
  • Switching between courses will cost an extra 10% fee of the original course fee.

Attendance Policy:

  • Participants must attend at least 75% of the sessions and pass the final exam to obtain the course certificate.
  • Participants attending from 65% to less than 75% of the sessions will be allowed to enter the final exam but cannot obtain the course certificate. If the participant passes the final exam, he/she can apply for the next level.
  • Participants attending less than 65% of the sessions cannot enter the final exam.

Course Certificate:

  • By attending 75% of the course and passing the final exam the participant is entitled to receive one original course certificate.
  • In case of loss another one can be issued for a fee.

Security Measurements:

  • All participants have to abide by the GUC security regulations inside the campus.

Code of Conduct:

  • All participants have to abide by the GUC course regulations and policies.
  • In case of any misconduct the German Center has the right to cancel the registration without stating the reasons. 





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