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Since many ages ago, Egypt has been regarded upon as the center of the world. It is not only due to Egypt’s central geographic location, but also because as far back as seven thousand years, Egypt stood to be the land of where civilizations met. This, not only placed Egypt in a natural leading position within Africa, but also placed it as one of the key pioneering countries amongst the whole world. Egypt in its flourishing times of being a mighty empire lead by Pharaohs, Greeks, Romans and later by Islamic leaders has broke new solid grounds in technology and science. Those times were the peak times of innovation that lead the world today to following its footsteps.

Cairo, or the once called “Al Fustat” meaning “City of the Tents” is Egypt’s first Arab capital. In many ways, Cairo is Egypt, a capital that dominates the country exactly as it dominates the Arabic culture. Cairo, the now called “Al Qahira” meaning the “Triumphant” , has been playing the role of a magnet that draws people from all over the country promising a better life and future as well as the focal point to people from all around the world being “glamorous Cairo”, one of the world’s greatest cities.

Located on the banks of the Nile River in the north of Egypt, Cairo is a blend of history and modernism. Visiting Cairo has always been an exciting adventure to all people where one could lively experience its culture, feel the warmth of its people, and enjoy visiting its historical ancient Egypt. A major excitement of visiting Cairo is its night life. From dusk till the crack of dawn, people seem to be practicing their normal lives. And this is why Cairo has been named “The City That Never Sleeps”. Continuous 24 hours of enjoying its national restaurants, walking by the Nile River for clear fresh air, strolling in its famous Khan El Khalili ancient market or catching a variety of national films or plays in its theaters and cinemas.

Touristic places in Cairo are a mixture of ancient and modern places. Some of which are Egypt’s famous Pyramids of Giza, The Sphinx, Sound and Light shows, The Egyptian Museum, Cairo Opera House, Cairo International Conference Center, Cairo Tower, Pharaonic Village, Khan El Khalili Bazaar, The Citadel and public gardens and parks.

A lot of Cairo’s must see destinations are its Islamic monuments. Some of which are; Fortress of Salah Al Din, Mosque of Amr Ibn Al Aas, Mosque of Ahmed Ibn Tulun, Al Azhar Mosque, Mosque of Sultan Hassan, Al Refai Mosque and many more. It is thus not by coincidence that Cairo is named “The City of a Thousand Minarets”. For Cairo’s elegancy and beauty comes from the considerable number of high domes of its precious treasury of those mosques seen lighting in different colors during the night.

Cairo has long been the center of education not only for Egypt but for the whole Arab world. Cairo has the largest number and best quality educational schools and universities among other governorates or cities of Egypt. The fact that draws students from all around the country as well as the Middle East to come to Cairo to get their education. As of the million things that can be done in Cairo, the city came to be a very exciting city for students. Students can be seen practicing sports in the clubs, walking in the gardens, shopping in the malls, enjoying a meal with friends or sipping some coffee or juice in one of its coffee shops.

Cairo in itself is an overwhelming city and an unforgettable living experience for all those who gave it a visit. For indeed it is the center of the world.

Location: Egypt, North Africa.
Language: Arabic with an Egyptian dialect, though a significant percentage of the educated population are capable in English, French and/or Italian.
Currency: Egyptian Pound, as in the rest of Egypt, though US Dollars and Euros are freely exchanged.
Population: The population estimate is 6,789,479 for the city.The population density is 31,727 per square kilometer for the city.
Month Average high °C (°F) Average low °C (°F)
Jan 18 (64) 8 (46)
Feb 21 (70) 9 (48)
Mar 24 (75) 11 (52)
Apr 28 (82) 14 (57)
May 33 (91) 17 (63)
Jun 35 (95) 20 (68)
Jul 36 (97) 20 (68)
Aug 35 (95) 22 (72)
Sep 32 (92) 20 (68)
Oct 30 (86) 18 (64)
Nov 26 (79) 14 (57)
Dec 20 (68) 10 (50)
Year 28 (82) 15 (59)

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