Policies and Regulations


What is GUC?


GUC is the German University in Cairo. It is an Egyptian Private University established according to the presidential Decree 27/2002 and is under the patronage of the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education together with the State Universities of Ulm and Stuttgart and is a member of the Council on Egyptians Private Universities. GUC is cooperating actively with a number of German, Egyptian, and European Organizations and Institutions in the fields of research, development and industry.


Who is Prof. Dr. Ashraf Mansour?


Prof.Dr. Ashraf Mansour is an Egyptian Scientist who was awarded his Ph.D. in the polymer physics from the State University of Ulm and got his Habilitation & Professorship from Germany Prof. Ashraf Mansour is the prime founder of the German University in Cairo. He is the one who initiated the idea, convinced various parties including intellectuals and interested figures in industry and business to join and secure the required funds to launch the first step in the project. Now, Prof. Ashrafs leadership and devotion towards GUC is maintained and extended through his post as the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.


Who are the Founders of the GUC?


On one hand, the majority of GUC Founders are academic professors who obtained their Ph.D degrees from Germany. On the other hand GUC obtain technical support from the patron and cooperating Universities and their financial support from the German Federal Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research & DAAD


Who is GUC President?


GUC President is Prof. Dr. Eng. Yasser G. Hegazy, received the B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in electrical engineering from Ain shams University, Cairo, Egypt, in 1986 and 1990, respectively. He was awarded the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON, Canada, in 1996. He is a Professor of electrical engineering and a senior member of IEEE power and energy society and a reviewer of IEEE transactions in power systems, power delivery and energy conversion. Prof. Hegazy received the 2004 State encouragement award in Engineering Sciences from the Egyptian academy for science and research and the IEEE PES chapter, outstanding engineering award 2016.


What is the story behind GUC?


Ulm is the place where Prof. Dr. Ashraf Mansour lived for about 8 years, obtained his Ph.D. degree and was acknowledged as Polymer Physics Professor who assisted and contributed to many German and International projects in his field. The idea began in the year 1994, when Professor Mansour initiated the idea of establishing a Material Science Institution, which was discussed with EU to finance the Project. Unfortunately, the idea couldn't be realized, but the idea of establishing an institution for research and development in order to aiming towards enhancing the development process in the Region did not fall apart. A couple of years later the original idea has been evolved to establish a whole University with German educational system and international standards, where the curricula will be prepared in English language in Germany in cooperation with German Universities and according to their standards. English has been planned to be the instruction language in order to cope with the international labor market, on one hand. On the other hand the German University in Cairo is foreseen to be a link between the scientific research and the industrial fields worldwide. This link will begin through the professors & students involvement in industrial projects conducted in the region or worldwide through the R&D Center of the University. State University of Ulm was the first to support the idea and introduced it to the Stuttgart University, which had the same enthusiasm towards the project. Both, State Universities of Ulm and Stuttgart offered to establish the German University in Cairo under their patronage and submit all technical assistance needed. The step which encouraged the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg to auspice the whole project and to suggest the support of DAAD, which has been returned positively. The cooperation with the State Universities of Mannheim and Tuebingen developed in an advanced phase of the project.



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