German University in Cairo/ Deutsche Universität in Kairo is the only integrated German university outside Germany that has 3 Bologna cycles, namely B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. offering 71 study programs (31 undergraduate and 40 postgraduate). It offers unique Student Exchange programs and a unique chance to get enrolled in research activities in Egypt and in Germany through School of Postgraduate studies and through extensive Research activities.

Students Exchange Programs and Cooperation with German Institutions in Germany

GUC encourages students‘ exchange and gives its students the chance to complete their bachelor and/or master thesis at German partner universities.

Top GUC students (around 21%) completed their B.Sc. thesis in Germany till date.

GUC arranges summer courses, internships and trips in Germany for its culture, education, and international research exposure and opportunities.

Around 12% of GUC students conducted internships in Germany and other countries.

22% of the total number of GUC students travelled to Germany over the last 5 years (whereas EU Mobility Guidelines aim at a rate 14% inter-European students' mobility annually).

Postgraduate Studies and Research

The Faculty of Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research started in 30/07/2003 being the only Postgraduate & Research Faculty awarding M.Sc. and Ph.D. among Private Universities in Egypt. The total number of students registered in the M.Sc. program is 320, in the MBA program is 873 and the total number of students registered in the PhD program is 63.

In addition, more than 600 GUC graduates are doing their M.Sc. or PhD in Germany. Furthermore, GUC strongly encourages and supports academic staff to conduct research with the German Partner universities, as well as other countries abroad. This would reflect on the quality of skills and knowledge the student experience as a result.

High-demand Study Programs

High-demand, non-traditional fields of study are offered at GUC. Labour market studies indicated the real and urgent need for such programs. German technical expertise and advancement in the fields of study are ensured through cooperation with the partner State Universities and other State and Federal German institutions.

Double Accreditation of Degrees Awarded

Fully recognized courses and degrees by both the Egyptian and the German partner universities.

Internationally recognized degrees

GUC graduates can proceed directly to continue their postgraduate studies in Germany or other countries.

Practice-oriented Teaching

Practice-oriented teaching strategies, where up to 50% of the study load is practical courses, thus giving GUC students the skills needed subsequently in the work environment.

Field studies inside and outside Egypt are included in the study programs.

Training opportunities and internships are scheduled during the study programs.

Research project for graduation is mandatory.

Partnership and strong links with business and industry in both Egypt and Germany.

Promising Career Opportunities

Excellent career opportunities are awaiting GUC graduates in national and multinational organizations.

Excellent Learning Environment

Excellent learning environment fostering independent individuals with multicultural experience, developing creativity and originality in GUC students.

State-of-the-art technologies and facilities are used in teaching, learning and research.

Very friendly campus life with various athletic, social and cultural activities.

English is the Teaching Language

Teaching language is English, while German is taught to allow the exchange of GUC students with other German universities and to facilitate their training in German companies.

Highly qualified German & Egyptian staff

GUC students are taught by experts in the field. The teaching staff consists of highly qualified German academics from the State Universities of Ulm, Stuttgart and other German state universities together with highly qualified Egyptian professors, who are completely aware of the German system.

Small Classes

A limited number of students are accepted annually. Small classes allow personal attention, better interactions and better understanding of study material.


25 scholarships are offered every year for the best graduates of Al-Thanawia Al-Amma and its equivalent, where students will be completely exempted from the study fees.

GUC provides a balanced program of scholarships offered to outstanding students joining GUC and during the years of academic study.

System of Study

GUC is committed to using the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Its credit point system is used as the basis for transferring marks and credits for students records to create international curricular compatibility, facilitating academic recognition according to European standards.


Research activities at GUC run parallel to the educational program, thus integrating research and education. GUC is committed to collaborating with a wide range of the industry and business sectors on research projects on the national and international levels.

Internships and Student Exchange Programs

GUC students have internships and training opportunities in Germany and Egypt during their study programs. Furthermore, they have the chance to participate in the student exchange programs offered at GUC.


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