Exchange Programs

The GUC organizes different types of trips every summer for its students. The trips aim to empower graduates with both technical and soft skills, encourage international exposure of the GUC students as well as to enable students to learn more about the German and international cultural traditions. These trips are organized by the German Centre of the GUC and the GUC International Office with the support of the DAAD.

So far a number of 1,200 students traveled to Germany destinations over the past 5 years. The destinations included universities in Berlin, Braunschweig, Bremen, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt/Main, Gießen, Ingolstadt, München, Münster, Passau, Stuttgart, Ulm, Tübingen as well as Goethe Institutes in Bonn and Freiburg.

Exchange Trips Types

  1. Study visits

    Students enroll for specialized courses, which are studied in a period of 2 to 4 weeks. These courses enable students to gain more skills related to their own study fields and have a broad idea about how their own specialization is being taught abroad.

  2. Internships

    Internships develop and strengthen students’ education and future career. The experience of internships abroad exposes students to a different job atmosphere, which prepares the student to be a potential candidate for the international and local job market, as well as to be ready to face the career life. As a motivation for students, GUC organizes internships in cooperation with its patron universities as well as other institutions for its highly ranked students.

  3. Bachelor Thesis

    As a part of the GUC German educational system, the GUC facilitates for high ranked students to write their bachelor thesis in Germany. The students are already acquainted to the German educational system at the GUC; this allows them to easily integrate in the other educational system. During 2007, 46 of the GUC top ranked students wrote their Bachelor of Science Thesis in Germany; Ulm, Stuttgart, Aachen, Munich, Freiburg, Leverkusen and Mannheim.

  4. Language courses

    During the summer, students get the opportunity to develop their German language through language courses offered in a number of German cities, e.g.: Düsseldorf, Leipzig and Munich, etc. Students get the change to experience their German language not only in the course with international group of students, but also through exposure to German daily life. Students develop their self-independence, learn more about German culture and gain a lot of new experience through traveling.

  5. Orientation

    Students and staff get the opportunity to visit the GUC partner universities: Stuttgart and Ulm. They carry out day-visits to different industries in order to get exposed to the latest technologies. Afterwards, students and staff face the challenge to apply what they have experienced abroad in their own fields.

  6. Research

    GUC encourages its academics to develop their academic careers and achieve the highest ranks throughout conducting research trips abroad. The GUC academic get the chance to become up-to-date in the latest technologies in their related fields.


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