Since its soft launching as a media centre to produce high-quality material for the GUC’s various academic and non-academic activities in December 2013, Media Production Centre (MPC) has earned a great public acclaim among the students and teaching staff alike. 

The newly launched centre in the German University in Cairo is leveraging from both production and research units to cover day-by-day calendar events for the GUC’s different activities, such as conferences, concerts, active working groups’ events, sport matches and the like. Additionally, the MPC created “GUC in a Week 7 in 7” TV weekly program to cover all the remarkable events and activities which occur within a week’s time.

Unlike the traditional analogue platform which denies users the right to choose the content they want to watch or listen, MPC has chosen, for the time being, to digitally distribute its television and radio content via the Internet. To stay abreast of the latest advances to the field of social media, MPC avowedly uses both the GUC YouTube channel and official website to promote its documentaries and different programs to a wider audience. However, the MPC plans, in an advanced stage, to offer its television and radio services on smartphones and online streaming.



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