IT Department


  • Provide a complete, modern network infrastructure across the campus.
  • Support the University in the provision of up-to-date PC hardware with a consistent portfolio of software products throughout the University network
  • Develop excellent quality business systems for corporate departments within the University
  • Support of IT equipments

Staff and Students Services
Student Administration System

Our Administration system allows University students and staff to perform a variety of essential tasks, such as:

  • Viewing schedules
  • Checking grades
  • Checking attendance
  • Viewing transcript
  • Viewing exam schedules

Courses Materials (Intranet Folders)

GUC provides a dedicated space for all faculties to post all materials needed by students to support them on their studies, such as:

  • Course materials
  • Original lectures
  • Model answers
  • Examples
  • Guides
  • Projects
  • Announcements
  • Software if needed
  • Presentations

Intranet Folders are accessible only from GUC campus.

Wireless network

The University provides one of the largest wireless networks in Egypt, allowing students and staff to access to the Internet across all its campus.

Computer Labs

There are around 2,000 computers across the University for students to use in computer labs - each with access to the standard Microsoft software and all with Internet access. Plus, Sun solaries and Apple labs.

Email accounts

The GUC provides electronic mail to both staff and students to enable them to communicate effectively and efficiently with other members, other universities, companies and partner organizations.

Students and staff can access their mail on the Exchange Server from any PC connected to the Internet using Outlook Web Access (OWA).

All incoming and outgoing mail is routed through a virus scanning service and a Spam Identification Service.

Internet Access

GUC provides free access to the Internet for all its members inside campus.The 8MB bandwidth is totally secured from viruses and filtered in order to provide high speed and redundancy to everyone GUC provides a direct 2MB bandwidth dedicated to the Internet2 network.

Internet2 is a research and development consortium led by over 200 US universities working in partnership with industry and government to develop and deploy advanced network applications and technologies, creating a leading edge network capability for research and education.

Online Libraries

GUC provides access to several external libraries to support all faculties in their work and study and research.

For example we provide access to EBSCO which offers a variety of proprietary full text databases and popular databases from leading information providers. We also provide access to IEEE, Emerald, Springer Link, Library of Stuttgart and ULM, and many others from the TOP libraries.

Core network services

These services run on servers provided, hosted and supported by IT Services to enable the University network to function. They include:

  • Authentication and login services.
  • Network Directory Services (e.g. Domain Name Service (DNS) for the domain of the Internet and Microsoft Active Directory which holds information about the University network as a whole).
  • Allocation of network addresses to PCs, servers and other IT equipment.
  • Networked Printer Support.

Personal Storage services

All staff and students have an allocation of space to store their own information and personal files on central servers. This information can be accessed from any University PC and from the Internet. Also it can be accessed from University wireless network.

Backup Services

E-mail and Personal Storage servers are backed up daily. A two week cycle of backup tapes is maintained. In the event of system malfunction it is possible to restore databases to their position on any specific day in the previous fortnight.

Supported Software

  • Microsoft Windows XP, Linux SuSe, Sun Solaris, Mac OS
  • Specialized software such as SAP, Matlab, Mathmatica, Adonis, AutoCAD, Pro Engineer, Maya, SPSS, ABAQUS, Aris, Eviews, Orcad, Powermil...

Audio-visual equipment in teaching rooms

The University's AV (audio-visual) equipment includes:

  • OHPs (overhead projectors)
  • Data projectors
  • Audio equipment
  • TVs, videos
  • Interactive white boards and other technology-based teaching aids

Supported Hardware

  • Desktop PCs
  • Servers
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Pocket PCs
  • Barcode readers
  • POS PCs
  • PC related hardware


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