Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy


The Diploma is a credit hours-based postgraduate program that is offered by the Faculty of Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research and the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biotechnology at the German University in Cairo. The program is carefully designed to target the different fields of clinical pharmacy, including pharmacotherapy, pharmacokinetics, pharmacy practice, clinical nutrition, pharmacovigilance, and pharmacoeconomics, from the theory as well as practice perspectives. Moreover, the program has a continuous follow up and evaluation plan for the candidates through assignments, practice-based activities, journal club, final exams, and a graduation research project. Other remarks that make this program unique include: Placement test for candidate selection and prominent national and international instructors


The Diploma in “Clinical Pharmacy” is intended for those who have earned a “Bachelor in Pharmacy” degree, or equivalent.

Employability of the Diploma in “Clinical Pharmacy”


The Diploma in “Clinical Pharmacy” graduate can be employed in widely varied fields including:

  • Healthcare settings, like hospitals, among others
  • Pharmaceutical industry (Training and clinical research)
  • Regulatory authorities
  • Clinical research organizations
  • Academia

Objectives of the Diploma in “Clinical Pharmacy”

At the completion of the Diploma in “Clinical Pharmacy” a graduate will be able to:

  • retrieve and professionally communicate the optimum up-to-date management plans for different disease areas with the healthcare team members
  • communicate with the patient for proper education and counseling related to the drug therapy
  • conduct clinical research, and criticize and interpret the published literature
  • represent the mandatory role of the pharmacy profession in the different areas of practice

Offered Courses per semester:

The first semester contains 4 courses (all are mandatory). The second semester contains 4 course (3 mandatory courses and 1 elective course).

Program Structure


Code Status Course No. of weekly hours ECTS
CLPH 111 Compulsory Pharmacotherapy-I 2 4
CLPH 112 Compulsory Clinical Pharmacokinetics 2 4
CLPH 113 Compulsory Pharmacotherapy-II 2 4
CLPH 114 Compulsory Selected Clinical Topics I 2 4
Compulsory Graduation research project 1 1
Total ECTS = 17 CPs


Code Status Course No. of weekly hours ECTS
CLPH 115 Compulsory Pharmacotherapy-III 2 4
CLPH 116 Compulsory Pharmacotherapy-IV 2 4
CLPH 117 Compulsory Selected Clinical Topics II 2 4
CLPH 118
CLPH 119
Elective Clinical Nutrition or
Drug Information and Evidence
Based Medicine
2 4
Compulsory Graduation research project 1 1
Total ECTS = 17 CPs

The student can take only one or more of the Diploma courses and have a certificate of attendance and completion after successfully passing the individual course(s).

Attendance of 75% of the sessions is mandatory for issuing any certificate.

Admission Requirements

According to German University in Cairo admission to this program is competitive. The admission criteria are:

  1. Bachelor degree from a recognized University.
  2. An acceptable score on the GUC English admission test.

Admission Steps:

  1. Applicants complete online application Apply Now !
  2. Applicants that fulfill the requirements will be invited via e-mail to take the GUC English admission test (GUC graduates are exempted from this test).
  3. Applicants who are accepted will be invited to attend an orientation session. Applicants not accepted may reapply in future semesters.

Documents Needed:

The applicant must bring all documents mentioned below:

  1. Curriculum vitae
  2. University transcript (with grades of each subject)
  3. Graduation certificate
  4. Two passport-sized photos
  5. Birth certificate
  6. Military status for male applicants
  7. Copy (front & back) of the National ID Card/ or passport for non Egyptian students
  8. Visa and residency documents for non-Egyptians

Tuition & Fees:

Semester / Course Program fees 23/24 - EGP
Application fees 900
*Insurance fees 2,500
**Semester fees 25,000
Course fees 7,500
Diploma Late payment fees 500
Graduation Fees 500

*Insurance fees are refundable in case no damage are done or books are lost

**semester fees Paid in two installments during each semester

Semester / Course Program fees 23/24 - EUR
Application fees 50
Lab insurance 125
Semester fees 1,125
Course fees 340
Diploma Late payment fees 15
Graduation Fees 15

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