Diploma in Data Science

Data Science Professional Diploma

The data scientist role is now critical for organizations looking to extract insight from information assets for “big data” initiatives and requires a broad combination of skills. Analytical and decision modeling skills are required for discovering relationships within data and detecting patterns, and data management skills are required to build the relevant dataset used for the analysis.

Data science is a multi-disciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from data in various forms, both structured and unstructured

The Data Science Professional Diploma consists of five courses and a capstone project over a period of two semesters. The structure of the five courses is designed to cover both fundamental and advanced topics in data science, with the latest programming frameworks and data science technologies integrated into each of the courses to support the theoretical concepts.

Upon completing the diploma, the attendees will have done several hands-on assignments and built a portfolio of data science projects to provide them with the confidence to start an exciting profession in Data Science.

Diploma structure

The data science professional diploma requires the attendance of 5 courses and 1 capstone


Semester Course Title Code Credit Hours # Lectures
Semester 1
(2 Courses)
1.Introduction to Big Data Technologies DS-611 5 ECTS 24
2.Machine Learning Fundamentals DS-612 5 ECTS 24
3.Data Engineering DS-613 5 ECTS 24
Semester 2
(2 Courses + 1 Project)
4.Advanced Methods in Data Science DS-621 5 ECTS 6 Weeks
5.Elective 5 ECTS
6.Capstone Project DS-626 5 ECTS 6 Weeks

The elective course is one course chosen from the following list:

  1. Neural Networks and Deep Learning (Code: DS-622)
  2. Text Mining (Code: DS-623)
  3. Advanced Big Data Analytics Technologies (Code: DS-624)
  4. Recommender Systems (Code: DS-625)

Important Notes

  • Timing, lecture distribution, assigned instructors and schedules will be assigned and announced to students upon registration completion subject to the German University in Cairo and the program administrative decisions. Lectures and labs will take place after regular working hours.
  • The courses details and outlines might get changed due to continuous development and enhancements to cope with trending theories, technologies, methods and applications in this domain.
  • GUC course grading scheme applies to all courses in the diploma.

Who should attend:

Those who are interested in developing data analysis and management skills and experience to pursue a career in data science, and for organizations whose plans for capacity building include developing the skill set of their employees to include data science skills.

Admission Requirements

  1. Bachelor degree from a recognized University.
  2. 2. An acceptable score on the GUC English admission test.

Documents Needed:

The applicant must bring all documents mentioned below:

  1. Curriculum vitae
  2. University transcript (with grades of each subject)
  3. Graduation certificate
  4. Two passport-sized photos
  5. Birth certificate
  6. Military status for male applicants
  7. Copy (front & back) of the National ID Card/ or passport for non Egyptian students
  8. Visa and residency documents for non-Egyptians

Tuition & Fees:

Semester / Course Program fees 23/24 - EGP
Application fees 900
*Insurance fees 2,500
**Semester fees 25,000
Course fees 7,500
Diploma Late payment fees 500
Graduation Fees 500

*Insurance fees are refundable in case no damage are done or books are lost

**semester fees Paid in two installments during each semester

Semester / Course Program fees 23/24 - EUR
Application fees 50
Lab insurance 125
Semester fees 1,125
Course fees 340
Diploma Late payment fees 15
Graduation Fees 15

Admission Steps:

The admission procedures are as follows:

  1. Applicants complete online application Apply Now !
  2. Applicants that fulfill the requirements will be invited via e-mail to take the GUC English admission test (GUC graduates are exempted from this test).

Applicants who are accepted will be invited to attend an orientation session. Applicants not accepted may reapply in future semesters

***This diploma is Offered by the Faculty of Media Engineering and Technology


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