Mechatronics Engineering Systems

This cluster focuses on the modeling and control of different mechatronics engineering systems. The development of different mechatronics engineering systems that can be used in diverse industrial applications is the main objective of this cluster. The cluster also extends the robotics research into emerging areas of science and engineering with applications to medical robotics. The development of micro- and Nano-robotic systems that allow for minimally invasive interventions and targeted drug delivery is one of the research challenges of this cluster. The research topics in this cluster include:

  • Design and Analysis of Mechatronics engineering systems
  • Robotics: Modeling and Control
  • Electromagnetic-based micromanipulation and micro assembly
  • Development of bio-inspired micro- and Nano-robotic systems (Magneto Sperm and Sperm-in-a-Tube)
  • Autonomous Systems (UAV, UGV, and ROV) 
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics

Research Groups:


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