Research in the Biochemistry Department focuses on two major areas: Clinical Biochemistry and Neurobiochemistry and Biophysical Chemistry of ion channel receptors. Using techniques of molecular Biology and Protein Biochemistry, pathomechanisms of diseases are studied as a basis for the development of novel therapies. Major fields of research include: 

  • Pathobiochemistry and therapeutic intervention of Alzheimer’s disease and neurodegerenrative diseases
  • Biotransformation
  • Nitric oxide signaling in health and diseases
  • Function-Structure relationships of neuronal glycine receptor ion channels
  • Modulation of the ion channel function of glycine and serotonin receptors by drugs and medicinal preparations
  • Molecular Virology - viral ion channels and the molecular basis of therapy of Hepatitis C
  • Identification, isolation and characterization of novel pharmaceuticals from marine sources and medicinal plants
The department is composed of the following research groups:

D.1 Clinical Biochemistry

D.2  Neurobiochemistry/Ion channels






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