RG Marketing

The research group aims to contribute to core and recent research areas in Marketing such as: 

  • Consumer Research
  • Consumer Psychology & Socialization
  • Business Ethics, CSR, and Sustainability
  • Character Education
  • Higher Education Marketing
  • Technology-led Marketing

The group’s main research activities and expertise are in line with the department research philosophy which is based on the Societal/Integrated Marketing Concept and the broad view of Marketing as a tool that incorporates diversity of purpose in line with recent critique of the theoretical underpinnings of the field (cf. Hunt, 2002 book titled Foundations of Marketing Theory: Toward a General Theory of Marketing). More specifically, researchers at the department have delved in critical and multi-faceted topics including Consumer Psychology, Socialization, and Young Consumers, Business and Marketing Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, Character/Ethics Education, Anti-Consumerism and Consumer Education, Services Research, Islamic Marketing, Ethics of Social Networking and New Product Adoption, Higher Education Marketing, Cause-Related/Social Marketing, Marketing Education and Pedagogy, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Marketing, and Technology-led Marketing.



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