Advanced Engineering Materials

This cluster concerned with the research in the fields of development and fabrication of advanced materials destined for engineering tasks; materials processing techniques; and optimization of process parameters. This scope of the cluster research includes also the investigations of the role of surface forces and structural defects in the mechanical performance of engineering materials; the usages of Biodegradable polymers of different kinds; the examination of Nano-composites for thermally challenged and mechanical strength demanding engineering systems. The main research directions of this cluster are as follows:

  • Casting and forming of complex engineering parts
  • Coupling of manufacturing induced stresses and component structural integrity
  • Production of materials with properties tailored to specific engineering function
  • Application of coatings using different techniques
  • Improving corrosion resistance of light weight metallic alloys
  • Preparation of metallic surfaces for hydrogen fuel cells applications
  • The development of polymer based composites for light weight engineering systems
  • Synthesis and application of polymer based engineering adhesives for joining in critical engineering systems 
  • Characterization of non-conventional ceramics (bio-ceramics, environmental ceramics and Nano-ceramics) to gain knowledge of their unique properties and potential areas of application

Research Groups:


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