Transfer Students

Regulations for Transfer Students (upon availability)

  • The transfer student must fulfill GUC normal Admission requirements including the attainment of High School certificate with a score complying with the Council for Private Universities regulations for the year during which this certificate was obtained.
  • The student must also comply with GUC Admission requirements including passing the Admission Tests (Reasoning and English Tests) and obtaining the qualifying subjects for the required field of study.
  • The student must submit the official Records (official Transcripts) of the courses taken with detailed course descriptions stamped from an accredited university, including the credit hours and grades achieved, as well as submitting the brochure or catalogue of the Higher Learning Institution.
  • Transfer is accepted ONLY between Faculties of same study group.
  • Upon final acceptance at GUC, the student will be requested to submit a withdrawal letter from the previous university.
  • Transfer students will not be included in the new students’ scholarship ranking nor in the enrolled students’ scholarship ranking.
  • Courses that will be accepted to be transferred must be substantially the same in both content and quality as the equivalent of GUC courses and with grade “B” or better.
  • A minimum of 65% full-time enrollment at GUC as a degree student is required for GUC’s B.Sc. (2.5 academic years for Management and 3.5 academic years for Biological and Engineering group).
  • Grade transfer: the transferred grade will be (TR) grade. It will be included in the total hours required to complete the study program for graduation, but the GPA will be calculated based on the courses attended and completed at GUC only.
  • All transfer cases must be revised and accepted by the Transfer committee at Ministry of Higher Education.

Extra Required Documents:

  • Please check for the “Credit Transfer Form” to be filled in
  • Official updated stamped Course Description of the courses to be transferred.
  • Catalogue of University or Institute of Higher learning
  • Official sealed transcript
  • Certificate of good conduct (شهادة حسن سير و سلوك) from previous university
  • Letter of Withdrawal from the previous university, upon final acceptance at Admission to GUC

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