Music School - PRO

As an extension to the Music School Program, in September 2013, we introduced Music School - Pro, which – as the name indicates – takes teaching to a professional level.

This gives members the opportunity to enhance their knowledge, gained at the standard Music School, by working with professional musicians, who have long years of experience in their field.

For application & inquiry:



Amro Salah – Piano, Music Theory (jazz & classical)

The founder & director of Cairo Jazz Festival


Azad Akhundov – Violin, Viola & Trumpet

A member of the Cairo Symphony Orchestra


Magued Nagati – Drums

The Drummer of the “Glass Onion” a tribute band to the Beatles


Dr. Mohamed Shafik – Clarinet, Saxophone

A member of the Cairo Academy of Arts, acquired his Masters at the famous Mozarteum University Salzburg


Sherif Watson – Guitar

The founder of Band Makers & an excellent guitar player


Wael Khedr – Guitar

Egypt’s famous flamenco guitar player


Michelle Rounds – Vocal coaching

Australian vocalist & composer


Tarek Al Azhary – Oud

Member of Arabian Oud House Orchestra


Walid Abdo – Percussion

Egyptian percussionist with various bands



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