Music Academy

In March 2013 the GUC Music School started as an initiative to support musical education at the German University in Cairo. It aims at fostering young talents in Egypt in general. One of the significant things about GUC Music School is that all classes are given by young energetic artists who belong to the GUC Music Ensemble.

Classes are offered in piano, guitar, violin, drums, recorder, flute, as well as music theory, production and composition. Classes are on individual basis, once a week for 45 minutes.

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Adham Al Sayyad – Kawala

With a deep passion for Kawala, an oriental folk Egyptian instrument like the Rababa and Mizmar, Adham Al-Sayyad searched extensively for a place or person who would teach him the basics and was fortunate to finally meet Ahmed El Arnab, a Kawala master who was willing to musically adopt him. Adham followed Ahmed El Arnab everywhere trying to grasp and document the techniques and skills of playing the Kawala until he could master it himself. Adham has performed many concerts inside and outside the GUC and is now establishing his own musical band playing oriental / occidental fusion.


Ali Farouk – Bass Guitar

Influenced by legendary bass players like Marcus Miller, Jaco Pastorius and Paul McCartney, Ali picked up his first bass guitar at the age of 14. Through his career, he played with some of the best musicians in Egypt to finally join the GUC Music Ensemble in 2014. He is currently the bass player of the alternative rock band Plugins.


Dina El Harouni – Piano

A certified pianist by the Royal Academy of Music (ABRSM), who has performed more than 21 solo concerts at the Cairo Opera House, as part of the Talents Development Centre.


Hayat Selim – Piano, Music Theory, Music Production & Composition

Hayat is a composer for the media and also a singer/songwriter. She has studied classical music composition and music theory in parallel with her studies in digital media engineering and technology. She is now pursuing a career in film scoring.


Ibrahim Salah – Drums

A Faculty of Engineering Graduate, who prefers to operate on his drum kit in his free time. Music is a language for him and he loves to communicate through it. He developed his skills over years by attending and performing in many concerts, as well as learning from professional teachers.


Mark Milad - Piano, Music Theory, Music Production & Composition

Mark Milad has been studying piano and music theory since 1998. He graduated from the GUC with a bachelor in computer science and engineering in 2014 and has been teaching piano since then. He is currently an independent composer, arranger and producer.


Mohab Kaddah – Guitar

Mohab started playing the guitar back in high school. With very little knowledge in music, he simply used to just pick up the guitar every time he sees it to learn a new song. Gradually he started learning music theory and a few years later after he joined the GUC Music Ensemble, where he met many great musicians, he founded his own band the Plugins.


Omar Naguib – Guitar

He has been playing for around 7 years and he’s never planning to quit. Omar masters various genres; rock, blues, funk, and even a bit of jazz. A new album by his band Bluezophrenia will be released soon.


Youssef El Sayed – Violin

A DMET graduate, whose passion lies in playing music. Whether it’s the violin – his main instrument – the bass guitar or even the trumpet. Youssef loves to experiment and learn new instruments. Already at the age of twelve he started learning the violin at the Cairo Opera House with Dr. Osman El Mahdy.



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