GUC Music Ensemble

The GUC Music Ensemble was founded in 2010 by GUC students Vera Bibawi and Monika Wissa. It started as a mere student activity that targeted talented colleagues who played classical music. In 2012 and with the launch of the GUC Music Academy, the ensemble grew bigger to have more 70 members instead of 25.

Currently, it consists of talented students and alumni, who regularly perform in the university’s concerts. The ensemble presents various styles that range from classical to rock and Arabic music, as well as contemporary compositions. The ensemble consists of the GUC Choir, Orchestra, rock bands and soloists.

The ensemble gives up to three concerts per semester, varying from complete classical works like “Carmina Burana” to large open air rock concerts.

Why you should join us:

  • The GUC Music Ensemble helps students to meet people with the same passion for music.
  • Our choir travels with funded scholarships to Germany to perform concerts and be part of a cultural exchange.
  • Perform in amazing concerts and show your friends and family how talented you are.
  • Meet famous artists who join us in our concerts.
  • Receive certificates of appreciation from the Music Academy to help enrich your portfolio.
  • Receive vocal training and instrumental coaching as part of the GUC Choir or the GUC Orchestra
  • Learn the basics of music and how to read notes
  • Learn how to rehearse properly and how to perform through your ongoing exposure
  • The ensemble meets and goes out regularly simply to enjoy each others company
  • Numerous bands and soloists evolve from the ensemble, including Bluezophrenia, the Pluggins, composer Khaled El Kammar to name a few. We keep holding annual auditions early in October to find new talents.


The GUC Music Ensemble’s members are musically talented and creative students & alumni of the university’s various faculties. The musical background varies between members, who have previous knowledge and others, who are absolute beginners, but have special potential that enables them to join. During the time they spend as ensemble members, they all gain tremendous musical experience that encourages some of them to even consider a professional career in music.

Significant Projects

Important performances of the ensemble include the world premiere of the German work “Weg Farben” by composer Wolfgang Kleber, performed two years in a row in Egypt and in Germany 2014 & 2015. “A Musical Promenade” during the annual TEDx Cairo conference 2014. Other performances include the ensemble’s production of “El Leila El Kebira”, rearranged by Khaled El Kammar in two performances, the second of which featured famous marimba artist Nesma Abdel Aziz (May – December 2014).


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