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Mohamed Ehab Hafez

In Alumni
Monday, March 25, 2024

Mohamed Ehab graduated from the German University in Cairo, class 2018 with bachelor in Mechatronics Engineering and a Bachelor's thesis in Medical Robotics from the University of Twenty in the Netherland.

Mohamed has great passion for entrepreneurship where he experienced this across variety of industries, such as ride-sharing, robotics, and e-mobility. He started his career after graduation as Computer Vision & Robotics Engineer, afterward he joined Rabbit Mobility as a chief of operations. Then his next career move was joining “Entlaq” Holding as CEO.

Entlaq is an accelerator program and consultancy services firm. It launched its programs in January 2023 to focus on early-stage to pre-seed startups with two annual cohorts. Each cohort features a four to six-month acceleration program with an investment ticket of up to $50,000 per startup. Entlaq has also launched initiatives to support the Egyptian ecosystem through partnerships with the World Youth Forum, the UNDP, the International Labour Organization, and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization.

During his undergraduate education at the GUC, Mohamed was one of the distinguished students and active as he founded “GUC innovators” and throughout this he gained two awards: 

In 2018: 2nd place safety award - Innovative safety system for the car driver - Shell Eco-Marathon Asia competition. Issued by Shell Eco Marathon Asia 2018 | Singapore - Mar 2018.

In 2019: Most efficient Urban-concept electric vehicle in Middle East and the innovation award for the first time in Middle East as well. Issued by Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2019 | Malaysia - May 2019.

Aside from this remarkable career path, Mohamed is a professional squash player for more than fifteen years, joined the National team and represented Egypt in international tournaments.

In 2023, Mohamed Ehab along with his co-founders at Entlaq were listed in Forbes 30 under 30 for the Middle East under the category of Commerce and Finance.

In February 2024, Entlaq announced the strategic partnership with The Ministry of Youth and Sports. This partnership aims to achieve a comprehensive strategy to establish capacity-building programs for youth, research products in the field of entrepreneurship, and support youth-led startups and projects.


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