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Omar Maher

In Academic
Thursday, June 8, 2023

Omar Maher received his BSc. Degree in Business Informatics from the Faculty of Management Technology at the German university in Cairo (GUC) in 2009.

He Has 13 years of experience in building and scaling machine learning products, also he was appointed in multiple AI leadership positions in different multinational companies.

After graduating, he started working at “ITWorx” Egypt, afterwards he co-founded two startups Trustious and and in 2015, he decided to re-join “ITWorx” but this time in Dubai, UAE branch as a director for advanced analytics.

In 2016, Omar made his next career move joining Esri as a Business Development Manager – Advanced Analytics & IoT, and in a short time span, he was appointed as the Director for Artificial Intelligence at Esri, California.

Due to his passion for the AI field, he founded AI cases, a startup in California that is mainly dedicated to help anyone to learn about AI and how to easily apply it and how to use it to solve real problems in work through a use-case driven approach.

He currently works as a director at a parallel domain “AI for Autonomous systems” in Los Angeles. It is an integrated system capable of analyzing a very large amount of data to contribute to saving people’s lives faster, because every minute counts.

The Egyptian engineer, Omar Maher, created an AI-powered system that saves the lives of those affected by hurricanes and floods in the United States, to be a special system to assist the US government in natural disasters by reaching and saving victims as quickly as possible “in one hour instead of weeks” because every minute counts! In addition, he presented this system to the US government. The system is supported by artificial intelligence to be able to identify danger places and to provide benefits and health support to save lives, by first aiding the injured and transporting the affected people to safe places.



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