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GUC Hosts a Farwell Event for Mr. Philippe Maupai, Head of Science Dept. and Protocol at the German Embassy in Cairo

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Monday, December 5, 2022


GUC Chairman of the Board of Trustees Professor Dr. Ashraf Mansour hosted a farewell ceremony to bid farewell to Mr. Philippe Maupai, Head of Science Dept. and Protocol at the German Embassy in Cairo, who has concluded his tenure in Egypt. Mr. Maupai started his work in Egypt in 2018 and has been since then a big supporter to all GUC activities.


The ceremony was attended by H.E. Ambassador Frank Hartmann, German Ambassador to Egypt, GUC President, Prof. Yasser Hegazy as well as GUC academics and administrative staff members in addition to many of Mr. Maupai’s team members at the German Embassy in Cairo, representatives from the DAAD Cairo Office as well as other German entities working in Egypt.


In his speech, Dr. Ashraf Mansour praised Mr. Maupai’s continued support of the GUC and the GIU, which are platforms for transferring the distinguished German higher education to Egypt. Prof Mansour also expressed his deepest gratitude to Mr. Maupai for his team spirit, enthusiasm and continuous efforts in fostering all joint activities with the German Embassy during his term in office. Prof. Mansour said during his speech also said:   


“Since 2018 Mr. Philippe Maupai has been an important actor and team player facilitating the joint cooperation between GUC, GIU and the German Embassy in Cairo. He also had a tremendous contribution during the establishment and launch phases of The German International University - GIU our sister university at eth New Administrative Capital. 


The GUC family will forever see you as one of us. This ceremony is not a goodbye but it’s a promise to see you soon.”

In return, Mr. Maupai thanked all attendees for coming. He also highlighted that attending and participating in GUC’s and GIU’s activities over the years has been a highlight and a delight during his time in Egypt.”