Mechatronics Engineering

Offered By:   Engineering and Materials Science Faculty


This program offers a balanced combination of mechanics, electronics and computer engineering skills plus special courses for integrating these disciplines of engineering to be able to develop and implement complex systems. The program is designed to give students deepened knowledge of principles of mechanics, electronics, control theory and computer programming.
Graduates of this program will have the ability to apply mathematics, physics, mechanics and electronics to solve engineering and industrial problems. They will develop technical expertise in mechanical design, computer-aided design, robotics as well as manufacturing technology. In addition, they will develop technical expertise in Digital design, microcontroller operation, interfacing, and programming, sensors, actuators, drive systems, control theory and data communication. They will have the knowledge, skills and tools to design and analyze the engineering systems for better operation, performance and control.
The graduates will be well prepared to pursue further studies and research nationally and internationally.


The Faculty of Engineering and Material Science is offering an International Bachelor program in Mechatronics Engineering. This program consists of 8 semesters which take 4 years to complete. The degree that will be issued is a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Material Science. The international bachelor enables the students to enter an International Master Program. The International Master program is at the present time only open to graduates of the GUC. The Master programs consists of three semesters and the degree that will be issued is a Master of Science in Engineering and Material Science.

According to the law in Egypt demanding at least 10 semesters as requirement for the Egyptian Bachelor in Engineering, a student can get the Egyptian Bachelor after another year of his/her study after the International Bachelor program. This year is considered to be the first year (2 terms) in the study program towards getting the International Master.

Mechatronics Engineering Curriculum

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