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Library Training at the German University in Cairo for Students of Menoufia and Ain Shams Universities.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The German University in Cairo (AUC) concluded on Wednesday, 28 August 2019 the workshop titled “Working Foundations in University Libraries”, which was held at the Central Library of the German University in Cairo.

The course was offered for Monofeya and Ain Shams university students during which 9 trainees joined the training, eight from Monofiya University and one from Ain Shams University.

Salah Hijazi, the library director declared that the training program included several lectures and workshops to introduce library facilities that allow faculties, researchers and students to access all available sources to enhance the education, teaching and research processes.

The trainees were briefed about the different provided services and the hard copies sources of information including books, references, government publications, periodicals, audiovisual materials and multimedia that enable users to research, print, and archive or email their results.

Additionally, the trainees had a thorough overview about the library advanced classification system, categorization, the collection process, and the reporting system, especially with regard to the search engine of the library's online catalog so that the beneficiaries can use the library's automated index internally or  from anywhere in the world.

The program included a visit to the multimedia hall equipped with the latest technological tools and audiovisual equipment from audio recorders usually used to listen to educational tapes and learn foreign languages ​​to enhance their English and German language skills.

It is worth noting that the course took place from 15th of July to 28th of August 2019, and the certificates were delivered to the participants in the presence of the executives of the training course at the library of the German University in Cairo.