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Pharmaceutical Engineering Course in Berlin Campus

post date: 11/5/2019
In   Academic, Tuesday, August 6, 2019  to Tuesday, August 27, 2019
On Campus

Last August in Berlin for the fourth year in a row, the pharmaceutical engineering course concluded viabilities of its fourth round.  The Latter took place over a period of three weeks with the participation of 50 GUC pharmacy students from various years.

It is worth noting that the program satisfied it’s various set of academic objectives starting from educating students the basics of chemical engineering and it’s applications in the field of pharmaceutical industry and ensured that the students pass necessary exams to check that they did grasp the material provided in the round.

Further, GUC out of keenness to provide its students with the ability to use modern scientific techniques in a viable manner arranged for students two visits to top notch German universities; Humboldt and Freie University. During the set visits, students attended several lectures by distinguished German professors to update them with latest modern research fields.

Furthermore, students visited research labs in both universities and attended detailed explanations by a number of research scholars about modern techniques adopted in various educational and research fields.

The program was not an academic one only but had an entertainment side as well.  It allowed students to visit a number of touristic sites in Germany in addition to a visit to Prague in the Czech Republic; where students got introduced to its major touristic venues.