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Design Studio 1 - Project II_”InfillBCN”

post date: 3/4/2019
In   Academic, Monday, March 4, 2019
On Campus

In the transition from the early project foundations to forthcoming complex programs, the DS1 course has taken its position. That is, a step ahead undertaken from basic notions learned in the previous year, towards more complex dynamics set up in the following courses.

It is about a precise moment within the design curricula that welcomes maturity. In it, it has been essential to learn to substitute the common question Can I? seeking for permission to do things within the comfort zone for that of What if? which is eventually open to challenges, risks and dreams that empowers students with a creative spirit.

Formulation of Project II_”InfillBCN”

While the previous, completed Project I_"Architecture within cities" was centered on possible architectures of Cairo within five urban fabrics as different forms of the city growth, the Project II_”InfillBCN” is focused on an industrial area in the Northeast of Barcelona by the river Besós, in the neighborhood of Bon Pastor in between its urban nucleus and the adjacent neighborhood of Baró de Viver on the northern limit.

If architecture is due to improve our built environment, we must acknowledge it to suitably intervene and transform it. That is, context plays a fundamental role to shape the architectural proposal. To put in other words, to carefully and sensitively look at the most revealing features of the site in order for the program to better fit in.

The “InfillBCN” strategy aims at strengthening Caracas street as the main axis which connects the aforementioned neighborhoods along the industrial tissue with the implementation of a two stories public center devoted to the labour force of the industries in its off-work time as well as to the residents of the area.

The building will home both a multifunctional space centered on leisure, relax and sport activities, and a branch of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation focused on the promotion and dissemination of the NPE [ New Plastics Economy - Ellen MacArthur Foundation ].

 In all selected plots there is a running, existing factory currently devoted to the production and storage of items, them all being different in each case. The municipality of the city through its BCN Activa administrative corporation will launch in the near future an ambitious plan based on the implementation of the circular economy which most likely will transform the present industries into much an attractive site for the local community and the city itself. In line with it, the project will have at least to assume either façade, partitions walls, interior finishings or furniture elements made out of upcycled materials.

 The insertion of the building within a chosen plot selected by each of the groups will tackle with the left over space, which has to be designed too. It is about a space that will host outdoor activities for the programs mentioned above together with a landscaping proposal. Also, the street section will take part in the project as a fundamental requirement to match with both the building and the out-door space of the plot.

Following up the methodology tested in the previous Project_I “Architecture within cities”, the approach from different conceptual, morphological scales will be fundamental as well. The constant, progressive shift from one another and conversely, as well as all sort of intermediate interactions between them, reinforces the aforementioned way we look upon things. As Louis Khan said, “in a small room one does not say what one would in a large room”.