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DAAD-BMBF22 “Towards Excellence and International Visibility in Research and Teaching”

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Thursday, December 1, 2022

On 1st of December, 2022 an interdisciplinary team from the German University in Cairo (GUC), TH Lübeck University and Stuttgart University had a meeting to discuss “Resource-Efficient Autonomous Bedouin Community on the Red Sea” (ReaBec)” project, which is funded by DAAD. The project’s team was assigned to identify the challenges and opportunities for developing a resource efficient Bedouin community in the Red Sea in ElNabq nature protected area. This was intended to provide a holistic integrated sustainable solution that is designed to achieve the different sustainable development goals (SDGs). It aims to allow a different type of tourism in the Red Sea by attracting scholars and researchers from the various scientific fields in addition to responsible tourism.


The GUC team visited TH Lübeck premises in July 2022 to learn about the different facilities and conduct a workshop among the team members. The DAAD Fund additionally sponsored the COP27 side event in November 2022, which was moderated by Dr. Wafaa Nadim in collaboration with UNDP Egypt. Panellists participated in the event included Prof. Thomas Auer – Technical University Munich, Dr. Thomas Ammerl – Bavaria Research Alliance, Eng. Mohamed Elewa – UNDP Egypt, Eng. Ahmed Yehia – Eco Nubia, Ms. Trupti Jain, Naireeta Services Ltd, India. Also, the team from Germany visited the GUC premises in December and then Sharm ElSheikh to visit the site and explore availability of local material, water, energy etc. and define further research needed prior to building a prototype.