Professor/Lecturer/Instructor - Graphic Design - Interaction Design

Vacancy for: Faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts

Ref Code: II8.3.1

The German University in Cairo- GUC (Cairo - Campus)
Faculty of Applied Science and Arts

The Faculty of Applied Science and Arts invites highly able and motivated applicants in the graphic design department, vacancies to be filled by Spring semester (February 2019) or Winter Semester (September 2019).

The Faculty of Applied Science and Arts enrolls 1,250 students across three design majors: Graphic, Product and Media Design.


The position will focus on developing and training visual skills of structuring information especially for the digital applications. The applicant should have a previous professional and teaching experience in planning, designing, prototyping and presenting concepts for digital applications and services for mobile, tablets, desktop with an emphasis on high quality design skills, understanding of user experience, and the visual structure of information. Successful candidates will be expected to contribute to undergraduate and graduate teaching.

Requirement, experience and skills:
Academic Title will be assigned to successful applicants based on the highest degree achieved, industrial experience, teaching and research experience.
Strong background in Interface Design for mobile applications and responsive web based solutions with a focus on graphic layout, typography, and the development of visual language systems.
Knowledge of contemporary prototyping tools such as Flinto, Adobe XD, and Sketch.
Theoretical background in user centered research methods and Service Design.
Practical background in connected user experiences and user engagement strategies.
Curiosity to widen the perception within the design discipline and thus create a foundation for design oriented actions and mindsets.
Strong commitment to progressive design education principles regarding a self-organized and responsible design study.
Understanding of the implications of Design practice within social, cultural, economic, scientific or technological contexts.
Competence of working well with people from diverse cultural backgrounds, professional training and aesthetic sensibilities.
Strong competences to structure and define project goals in order to foster and motivate positive experiences.
Excellent interpersonal communication skills and writing in English, which is the teaching language.
Good management skills, including the ability to meet deadlines, communicate and motivate effectively.
An interest in working collaboratively within the GUC and with external partners towards the development of shared projects.
Application Instructions:

Interested applicants are invited to submit their curriculum vitae including: employment history, a statement outlining research and teaching interests, list of publications and projects undertaken and names of at least three referees, motivational letter and an online access to a portfolio of their work.
Applications to be submitted using the below link by referencing posting: #ref II8.3.1

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Submissions will be reviewed starting on 15th of June, but applications are welcome until the position is filled

For further information, please contact the Human Resources Department (

Post Date: Thursday, November 29, 2018

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