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e-Marketing in Practice in GUC Berlin Campus

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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Following GUC critical philosophy of providing practical courses to enhance students experience, and after being successfully offered during summer 2018, E-Marketing in Practice course written by Dr. Sara Hamed and Dr. Sara El-Deeb was again offered during summer 2019.

Dr. Sara El-Deeb is a social media specialist and Dr. Sara Hamed is a web designer.The course was offered for students from diverse faculties including Management, Business Informatics, Pharmacy, Applied Arts and Architecture.

Students collaborated during their workshops, projects, and assignments providing extraordinary outputs! They created Google ads, designed a website, managed to use SEO tools to help rank on Google, and carried out a digital marketing plan for GIU with an estimated budget and time frame.

Students attended sessions for two guest speakers. The first is Marcel Sobieski, the founder of Mobiteam. Mobiteam is specialized in Web Design, Web Development and consulting in Berlin. The second is Mariam Yassin, a GUC graduate. She is currently a Senior CRM Strategy Consultant for TRACK.

Students had the opportunity to visit firms to attend full day workshops and practice what they learnt through simulation.

Two of these company visits focused on search engine optimization and social media marketing. Their final excursion was Deutsche Bank - Quartier Zukunft, in which they had a session on building customer relationship especially that people don’t go to banks anymore as everything is done online.

Finally, through lectures, cases, discussions and practice, this course introduced the students to a range of new approaches into the digital world.