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METians won the 3rd place in Budapest!

In Academic
Tuesday, October 30, 2018

JunctionX is Europe's biggest IT hackathon. Every year, a selection of the most-talented developers, designers, marketers, and entrepreneurs participate to develop a spontaneous prototype, and stir great ideas which could potentially lead to a business case and the foundation of a startup. This year's JunctionX was sponsored and judged by top IT whales such as Github, Microsoft, Nokia, Transferwise, and more.

During the weekend from 19-21 October, a spontaneous team of METians decided to put their knowledge to the test of a real battlefield. Armed with the blessings of their TA Amr Osman and a couple of labs from the CSEN 704 course about Android development, they flew over to Budapest and participated in the hackathon. End result? -- They were able to develop a prototype for a unique emergency & survival App and won the 3rd place!

The members of the winning team are:

Ahmed Alaa, Ahmed Ellouzy, Momen Amgad, Ahmed Mofty, Nourhan Ashraf

Congratulations, young fellas! We wish you even more success for your future endeavors