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Premaster Presentations by Faculty of Sciences & Applied Arts

post date: 12/20/2018
In   Academic, Sunday, December 16, 2018  to Monday, December 17, 2018
On Campus - on Campud

The Faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts arranged a presentation of the 9th-semester students on Dec. 16/17, 2018 on the Cairo Campus. This semester each student worked on three different topics. Projects span from editorial and interaction design over creating products in collaboration with handicrafts to films and stills portraying Egyptian people, habits, and locations. The common denominator of all projects in Egypt in the past, present, and future and the potential role of design within the society. The design concepts captured also meta-topics like sustainability, education, or the economic impact of design. 

The presentation celebrated the premaster students’ work results and offered a stage for sharing and discussion amongst staff and students. The presented concepts will be followed up and detailed next semester.